Colorful Highly Saturated Watercolor Animal Art, Celebrating One Individual at a Time.
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Paint Your Pet

As an artist who has been commissioned to paint the pets of industry icons & fine art connoisseurs, Sinclair considers each and every pet portrait painting she creates to be the highest honor.  Sinclair says, “There is an huge amount of trust bestowed on me when a collector asks me to paint their pet.  To create a piece of artwork that will be a cherished family keepsake for generations is an amazing experience.   My paintings reflect the unique bond a parent shares with their pet and I channel the energy of their pet to paper.”

Asking Sinclair to “paint my pet” is an experience that can require the patience to wait at least 6 months, which is the current waiting list time frame. However, you’ll have the unique knowledge that you are working with the best of the best.  Make no mistake, this painting will be unlike any other you have ever purchased or seen.  You are not just purchasing a painting of your companion; you are entering into a creative adventure, a journey taken by only a select audience.

As an accomplished watercolor artist, Sinclair has been painting for over 27 years, she has cemented her place in our modern culture with appearances on numerous newscasts, billboards, and publications such as Forbes magazine, which proclaims “Her bright, highly stylized watercolors are reminiscent of Ron Burns’ portraits.”

Once commissioned to paint a piece, Sinclair interacts personally with you working on photographs and learning about the pet to get the overall feel of the piece.  Your piece of artwork will be custom commissioned to describe and honor your beloved pet energetically.

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